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About us

Union Grid s.r.o. was founded in 2014 when it acquired part of the company E.ON Servisní. The majority partner, with 66% of shares is Carbounion holding, which has been operating in the Central European energy industry market for 19 years. The remaining share in the company is held by E.ON Czech Republic, which operates in the energy industry within a leading European concern. With the team of technicians and electricians it acquired, it realized contracts with a value of CZK 650 mil. in the period from 2008–2014.

Union Grid has been offering its services to customers since 2014. We are particularly involved in the development and design of distribution transformer stations, distribution centres for extra high voltage (EHV) and EHV lines. Our services are based on the know-how of an experienced team of workers and a high quality of rendered services, with an emphasis on safety at work. Our collaboration is based on long-term business relations and we make great efforts to achieve maximum flexibility of rendered services in accordance with our customers’ requirements. All our employees hold appropriate qualifications and expertise as part of their education.

Union Grid s.r.o. is also the owner of its subsidiary company Energetika Servis, which produces steel structures required by low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) distribution centres.

We hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certificates and ISO 3834-2.



We are engaged in the realization of electrical-assembly and construction-assembly works on transformer stations, distribution centres and extra high voltage lines. The realization team, including its support, consists of 65 workers.

  • EHV, EHT distribution centres and HV transformer stations – preparatory project design works, administration of subcontractors, coordination of works, final construction by a general contractor and commissioning including diagnostics and inspections.
  • Dispatcher control systems, measuring, control and transmissions – assembly, complex testing and diagnostics, inspections.
  • LV/HV transformer stations.
  • Protection systems for technological facilities.
  • In house AC/DC consumption.
  • Optimization of reserved input power and compensation of standby power for industrial facilities, transformer stations, and false “B” power draw-offs.
  • Development and redevelopment of low-voltage and high-voltage lines.
  • Cable lines and cable sets.
  • Development of industrial distribution systems and local distribution systems.


We are engaged in project design activities in the area of EHV distribution centres and lines, including procurement documentation, documentation for zoning approval, documentation for contractor selection, documentation for building construction and as built documentation. We also carry out engineering coordination.


We design, manufacture, and supply structures for HV and LV electric power distribution systems:

  • Structures for pole mounted transformer stations up to 630 kVA,
  • Structures for HV and LV cabling,
  • Structures for vertical HV switching elements,
  • Structures for additional assemblies of transformer stations cabling, vertical switching elements, and single-pole HV isolators on lattice poles,
  • Brackets for outdoor HV lines – from Pařát, Šestivodič (six-lead or hexaconductor), IZVE type for concrete, wooden, and lattice poles according to standard designs,
  • Complete single-pole switching elements for lattice poles,
  • Šestivodič (Hexaconductor) type isolators for concrete poles,
  • RST distribution boxes according to standard designs,
  • Technical and advisory service.

References – number of key products sold in 2016

  • Pařát type brackets (all types) – 5,200 pcs
  • Operating ladders – 2,200 pcs
  • Structures for transformer stations – 250 sets

Selected References in the past two years


  • TR110/22kV Pohořelice, T102 completion (carried out between 08–10/2016), development of a new 110 kV T102 transformer including control and commissioning.
  • TR110/22kV Prostějov – redevelopment of R 22kV + cable taps 22kV Letecká, (carried out between 07/2015-07/2017). Development of a new building for common operations incl. the complete installation of the technology (R 22kV, control system, protection, control, measuring, communication, etc.), cables and 22 kV cable sets.
  • TR 110/2V Telč – contract value - CZK 54.4 mil.,
  • TR Otrokovice – rek DŘSO – contract value - CZK 32.8 mil. (to be completed in the middle of 2017)
  • V 1352, L802 line modernization – contract value - CZK 38 mil.
  • V 5516/5517 line modernization – contract value - CZK 37.7 mil.


  • TR 110/22kV Otrokovice, Bahňák – field ,110 kV TOMA + DŘSO modernization (carried out between 02/2015–10/2015), development of a new 110 kV field for TOMA, development of a new 110 kV longitudinal separation, DŘSO modernization (ŘS, protection, measuring, complete cabling, etc.).
  • V1352/L802 line Strakonice-Prachatice – repair of pole structures, concrete pole foundations, replacement of insulator hangers and phase conductors, re-regulation of combined earthing cable.
  • V5516/5517 line Otrokovice – Uherské Hradiště – repair of pole structures, concrete pole foundations, replacement of insulator hangers, phase conductors, and combined earthing cable.
  • TR 110/22kV Jihlava Kosov – DŘT modernization – contract value - CZK 20.7 mil.,
  • TR 110/22kV Čebín, replacement of 110kV cable to T403 – contract value - CZK 32.5 mil.,
  • TR 110/22kV Prostějov, redevelopment of R22kV + DŘSO – contract value - CZK 44.8 mil.,
  • V5584/5585 line – re-insulation, redevelopment – contract value - CZK 30.5 mil.,
  • V516/5525 line – re-insulation, Atmofix redevelopment – contract value - CZK 33.7 mil.


Union Grid s.r.o.

Václavské náměstí 846/1
Praha 1 – Nové Město
110 00, Czech republic

Email: info@uniongrid.cz

Executive Heads

Ing. Pavel Pavlátka

+420 725 857 218

Ing. Ladislav Vinický



Ing. Jiří Steinbauer

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Business Department Manager
Ing. Petra Sázavská

+420 246 003 911

Economic Department Manager
Ing. Jan Dvořák

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